Dnevno noćni trezori - Bravarija Piljek

Dnevno noćni trezori - Bravarija Piljek

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Day and night drop in safe Prym

PRYM - A new and unique product that delivers innovation to the world of day-night drop in safes. We are extremely proud that we can present to our reputable partners, monetary institutions, a Croatian product which fully complies with the high standards of modern legislation. It complies with the Law on the Protection of financial institutions (Official Gazette 56/15) and the Regulation on the list of accepted standards and codes of practice in the application of the protection of monetary institutions (Official Gazette 102/16) PRYM – Our pride. Your decision.
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  • Besplatna dostava za cijelu Hrvatsku i Sloveniju

    / za većinu proizvoda

  • Brzi rokovi isporuke

    / 10.000 + artikala na zalihi za isporuku odmah

  • Povrat proizvoda

    / Mogućnost povrata unutar 15 dana

  • Telefonska podrška 7-15 h

    / Nazovite +385(0)49 222 113